Where to go

Toob Moh Market

Toob Moh Market is a small but charming market, located in Phlap Temple, Tambol Bang Kacha, Amphoe Muang Chanthaburi. Phlap Temble is presumed as the location where King Taksin the Great and his troop rested before taking over Chanthaburi.  He ordered the troop to empty all of the food and destroy all of the kitchenettes.… Continue reading Toob Moh Market


Chuen Chom Chim, Chanthaburi Authentic Food Festival

For those who would like to taste authentic Chanthaburi food, you can't miss Chuen Chom Chim, Chanthaburi food festival. There'll be more than 40 food stalls selling Chanthaburi local food there. The food festival will be held at the National Archives of Chanthauburi. The building had been previously used as the city hall. It has… Continue reading Chuen Chom Chim, Chanthaburi Authentic Food Festival


Fruit Season

Chanthaburi is the city which is appropriate for growing fruits especially durian, king of fruits, and mangosteen, queen of fruits. May to July is the season of durian, mangosteen, rambutan, salacca and langsat. There are many fruit farms where you can learn more about fruit farming and taste fresh fruits in the farm. I've translated… Continue reading Fruit Season

Where to go

Gemstone Mining at Khao Phloi Waen

Chanthaburi is known as a province of precious gems trade.  Although the mountains around Chanthaburi were once filled with precious stones, most of the gems trading in the gems market here today are imported from other parts of Asia and the world. The last remaining mine in the area is Khao Phloi Waen, 6km from Chanthaburi city… Continue reading Gemstone Mining at Khao Phloi Waen

Where to go

Nong Bua Thai Dessert Market

Nong Bua Thai Dessert Market is about 10 km. from Amphoe Muang. If you love street food and to see local community, I would suggest you to come here. About 100 years ago, Noung Bua was a fisherman village. Nong Bua market was a place where villagers came to sell and buy fish. Nowadays, Nong… Continue reading Nong Bua Thai Dessert Market


How to go to Chao Lao Beach?

With public transportation There's no direct public transporation from Bangkok to Chao Lao beach. You will have to start your trip from Amphoe Muang, Chanthaburi. From Chanthaburi bus terminal in Amphoe Muang, there aren't many choices to come to Chao Lao Beach.  You can take either a local taxi or a van to get there.… Continue reading How to go to Chao Lao Beach?