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Useful Information About Chao Lao Beach

Chao Lao beach is a quiet and peaceful beach. Most of the tourists here are Thai. Though the locals are kind and willing to help, not many of them can speak English. I've found some tourists walk along the road to find people who can speak English and help solving there problems. Here are some… Continue reading Useful Information About Chao Lao Beach

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Vegetarian Festival – Sri Chan Road

One of the most popular places in Amphoe Muang, Chanthaburi where you can find "Jay" food is on Sri Chan Road. You can find many food stalls selling various kinds of "Jay" food drinks and desserts along the road, starting from "Tang Eng" junction.  Some dishes, you can't imagine that they're "Jay". There're rice, curry,… Continue reading Vegetarian Festival – Sri Chan Road

Where to go

Toob Moh Market

Toob Moh Market is a small but charming market, located in Phlap Temple, Tambol Bang Kacha, Amphoe Muang Chanthaburi. Phlap Temble is presumed as the location where King Taksin the Great and his troop rested before taking over Chanthaburi.  He ordered the troop to empty all of the food and destroy all of the kitchenettes.… Continue reading Toob Moh Market

Food & Drink

Suan Ma-Maung Fresh Market

Today I'm going to take you to Suan Ma-Maung Market in Amphoe Muang, Chanthaburi. Ma-muang in Thai means mango and Suan means garden. The market's name came from the name of Wat Suan Ma-muang (Suan Ma-muang temple) which is close to the market. This market is one of the old markets in Amphoe muang. The… Continue reading Suan Ma-Maung Fresh Market