Chanthaburi is a province in the east of Thailand, just 245 km. away from Bangkok. Neighboring provinces are Trat, Rayong, Chonburi, Chachoengsao, and Sa Kaew. Also, it is on the border with Battambang and Pailin of Cambodia. Chanthaburi can be translated literally as “city of the Moon”. The province’s slogan is “Magnificent Waterfalls, Fruit City, Good Breeding Peppercorn, Loads of Gems, Chanthaboon Mat, Fertile Nature, Gathering place of King Taksin the Great’s liberation Army”. Though Chanthaburi is a small province with only 6,338 km2 area, there’re many interesting places to see and do here.


As Chanthaburi is a province on the shore of the gulf of Thailand, you can enjoy beautiful beaches like Chao Lao Beach, Laem Singha beach, Laem Sadet beach. Besides, there are many waterfalls and national parks with beautiful scenery and landscape to visits, like Phlio waterfall in Phlio National Park, Khao Khitchakut National Park, Khao Soi Dao waterfall, Khao Sip Ha Chan National Park, etc. The national parks in Chanthaburi have varieties of wild animal, plants, and flowers.



If you prefer culture and historic sites, you will not be disappointed to come here. Chanthaburi is a province with a long history. It was inhabited by pre-historic people. Many archeological sites in Chanthaburi have been discovered Neolithic artifacts estimated to be 2,000 year old in Makham district, Tha Mai district, Pong Nam Ron district.

In addition, Chanthaburi is a place where King Taksin the Great had gather the troop to restore the national independence of Ayutthaya Kingdom from Burmese ruler. Therefore, there are many historic sites related to King Taksin the great such as King Taksin Shipyard and Phlap Temple.

Besides, there’re many more historic sites related to significant events in Chanthaburi. For instance, Phairi Phinat fort in Laem Singha district that reminds us of the period when Chanthaburi had been occupied by France as a result of the dispute between Thailand and France in 1893.

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Fruits Farm

Chanthaburi is a fertile land with good weather suitable for fruits plantation -– rambutan, durian, mangosteen and other agricultural plantation as pepper, rubber etc. Visiting fruits farm during May to July would be a memorable experience for you.


Gems Market

Chanthaburi is known as a city of gems. It can be said that this is Thailand’s biggest hub for gems trading. You can visit Gems market on Friday and Saturday to see Thai and foreign dealers trading gems. Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Center and gemstone mining are worth a visit if you would like to learn more about gems.


From all of the above, I was wondering why a province that has so many sites to visit like Chanthaburi is just a place where tourists only make an overnight stay when they’re going to Koh Chang in Trat or to pass the border to Cambodia. This is the main reason why I make this blog. I just hope that after you’ve read my blog, you will fall in love with Chanthaburi like I do.