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Useful Information About Chao Lao Beach

Chao Lao beach is a quiet and peaceful beach. Most of the tourists here are Thai. Though the locals are kind and willing to help, not many of them can speak English. I’ve found some tourists walk along the road to find people who can speak English and help solving there problems. Here are some useful information about Chao Lao Beach that you may need to know.

  • Where can I exchange my money?
    • As far as I know, there’s no place where you can exchange money in Chao Lao Beach. Many hotels and resorts receive credit card and there’re a few ATM services along the road. However, if you need to exchange money, the nearest place to do so is at Kasikorn Bank or Bangkok Bank in Amphoe Tha Mai. It’s about 15 km. from Chao Lao Beach.
  • Where are Hospitals and medical care?
    • There’re 2-3 clinics in Chao Lao Beach and a few pharmacies. The public health center is about 5 km. from Chao Lao Beach. These clinics, pharmacies and the public health center open during certain time. If you need to go to the hospital at night, you can go to Tha Mai hospital in Amphoe Tha Mai (about 15km. from Chao Lao Beach). Tha Mai hospital is a public hospital. For serious sickness, I would recommend you to go to Amphoe Muang (32 km. from Chao Lao Beach). There’re 2 private hospitals which are Bangkok hospital (tel. 039-319-888) and Sirivej hospital (tel. 039-605-666). The public hospital in Chanthaburi is Prapokklao hospital (tel. 039-319-666).
  • Are there any Bars and restaurants in Chao Lao Beach?
    • Chao Lao beach is for people who seek for tranquility. There’s no nightlife like in Pattaya. Most of the restaurants here sell local food and seafood. For Western food, you can find it in the hotels’ restaurants.
  • How do I go from one place to the other places in Chao Lao Beach?
    • There’s no Tuk Tuk, taxi or public transportation running in Chao Lao beach area. If you want to call a taxi, it will have to come from Amphoe Muang. The price for a local taxi from Amphoe Muang to Chao Lao beach is about 350-400 baht. If you like to travel and see things around, I would suggest you to rent a bike or a motorcycle. But if you prefer to stay at the beach and chill out all day long, taking the phone number of the local taxi who drove you to Chao Lao Beach is enough for you to going back to the town.
  • Where can I go shopping?
    • You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood from a fresh market close to the Dugon roundabout. It opens daily from 2-7 pm. Local grocery stores, cloth shops and souvenir shops are located along the street. There’re 2 7-11 here. However, if you want to buy brandname clothes, electrical appliances, homemade bread and cheese, you may have to go to a department store or a supermarket in Amphoe Muang, Chanthaburi.
    • Here below are some pictures of the fresh market close to the Dugon roundabout.

This is so far what I can think of. If you need further information, you can leave comments for me.

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