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Vegetarian Festival

Vegetarian Festival or “Jay” festival is a colorful event held during the ninth lunar month of  the Chinese calendar. This year, the Vegetarian Festival, or the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, will be held from 8 to 17, October.

Eating “Jay” during this festival is stricter than a vegan diet. Meat, eggs, dairy products and sharp-tasting vegetables, for example onions are not allowed in “Jay” food.  In addition, those practicing “Jay” must also keep up a high moral standard of living, as they attempt to cleanse both their minds and bodies.

In Chanthaburi, you can find many areas selling “Jay” food during this festival. In Amphoe Muang, there’re 3 popular places including: Wat Khet Na Boonyaram, A market next to Na Choei Park, and Sri Chan Road.


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