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Vegetarian Festival – Sri Chan Road

One of the most popular places in Amphoe Muang, Chanthaburi where you can find “Jay” food is on Sri Chan Road. You can find many food stalls selling various kinds of “Jay” food drinks and desserts along the road, starting from “Tang Eng” junction.  Some dishes, you can’t imagine that they’re “Jay”. There’re rice, curry, noodles, meat balls, steam buns, spring rolls, etc. As most of the stalls have limited spaces, there’re only 1 or 2 stalls where you can sit in.

The starting point of the “Jay” market is opposite to Tang Eng school, and down along Sri Chan road.

One of the traditional types of Thai fast-food is rice and curry. All the curry menus here are “Jay”.

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Main dishes

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Side dishes and snacks

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Drinks and desserts

Making steamed rice dumplings.


Steamed rice dumplings

Frying sweet potato balls


Sweet potato balls


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