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Toob Moh Market

Toob Moh Market is a small but charming market, located in Phlap Temple, Tambol Bang Kacha, Amphoe Muang Chanthaburi.

Phlap Temble is presumed as the location where King Taksin the Great and his troop rested before taking over Chanthaburi.  He ordered the troop to empty all of the food and destroy all of the kitchenettes. This is where the name of “Toob Moh” market came from. “Toob” means to hit. “Moh” means a pot. Therefore, the name “Toob Moh” means to hit the pot, which is to remind us of the important historical event.

At Toob Moh Market, merchants dress in a Thai local cloth and speak old Thai language. There are about 20 stalls selling food, drinks and souvenirs.

Besides visiting Toob Moh market, you can also take a look at many antiques and building in the Phlab temple such as glided black lacquered wooden Tripitaka cabinets in the late-Ayutthaya period style, a Tripitaka chamber in a pond, a Rattanakosin style inverted bell-shaped pagoda in a pond, and a hundred years old wooden monastery with four gable ends roof.

Toob Moh Market is only 15 km. from Chanthaburi city center. It opens only on Weekends from 10 am. to 7 pm.

UPDATE: Toob Moh Market is permanently closed.

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