Chuen Chom Chim, Chanthaburi Authentic Food Festival

For those who would like to taste authentic Chanthaburi food, you can’t miss Chuen Chom Chim, Chanthaburi food festival. There’ll be more than 40 food stalls selling Chanthaburi local food there.

The food festival will be held at the National Archives of Chanthauburi. The building had been previously used as the city hall. It has a beautiful architectural design mixing between Eastern and Western style. Now it has become the center of local official document for researching and archives managing. .

Things to do:

  • Visiting the exhibition showing historical photos when King Rama V visited Chanthaburi. The film strip has been registered as UNESCO Memory of The World by UNESCO.
  • Watching how to make local Chanthaburi food such as crab noodle, Chamuang pork curry, assorted local desserts.
  • Enjoying authentic food from Chanthaburi historical community and more than 40 local food stalls.


Date: 20-23 September, 2018

Time: 3 – 9 pm.

Venue: The National Archives of Chanthaburi



Pictures and video clip was taken when I was at the press conference for this festival.News & Events

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