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Nong Bua Thai Dessert Market

Nong Bua Thai Dessert Market is about 10 km. from Amphoe Muang. If you love street food and to see local community, I would suggest you to come here.

About 100 years ago, Noung Bua was a fisherman village. Nong Bua market was a place where villagers came to sell and buy fish. Nowadays, Nong Bua is well known as an authentic Thai desserts market. The market itself is a daily market. However, most Thai dessert  stalls open in the weekend.

Even though I live in Chanthaburi, I found myself come to this market so often. This place is not just for the tourists. It’s a good place for spending your weekend with your family. I personally like “Kang Kala”. It’s a very spicy soup with duck and coconut shell.  Besides assorted Thai desserts, Nong Bua is also famous for “grass broom” because of its quality and endurance.

After spending your time at Nong Bua market, you can also take a boat trip in Bang Sra Kao canal, starting from the end of the market to King Taksin Shipyard. This boat trip takes about 2.5 hours. #chanthaburi #thailand #thaidessert #dessert

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